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National Town Hall on Basic Income

View this town hall co-hosted by Coalition Canada: basic income – revenu de base and the Green Party of Canada, now up on Youtube. Over 550 people tuned into this town hall held on September 17, 2020.

Facilitated by Green MP Paul Manly, this town hall featured guest speakers Senator Kim Pate, Dr. Evelyn Forget (on the economics of Basic Income), Monika Ciolek (on her experience participating in Ontario’s Basic Income Pilot), Dr. Robert Case (on basic Income and social and environmental disruption) and Dr. Tracy Smith-Carrier (Basic Income and gender equity and the deserving and undeserving poor).

Media coverage Prince Edward Island

PEI special committee on poverty a ‘beacon of hope’

By Senator Kim Pate
PEI’s The Guardian (May 26, 2020).  

Cradled in the reverberating waves of COVID-19, P.E.I.’s special committee on poverty is a beacon of hope to Canadians. At the conclusion of its work, P.E.I. could be poised to lead the way by being the first province or territory to forge a plan to implement a basic income guarantee (BIG) for all whose income falls below an established level.

COVID-19 has spurred a renewed interest in BIG. Now more than ever, most Canadians understand the need for support sufficient for an individual to live in dignity. Despite feeling relatively secure prior to the pandemic, too many are now painfully aware of how precarious seemingly secure jobs and businesses can be and how easy it is to fall through the cracks of current income supports.

Senator Kim Pate is one of the co-authors of a recent letter from 50 senators calling for guaranteed livable income/basic income.