Ontario Basic Income Network

Ontario Basic Income Network (OBIN) is a coalition committed to seeing Basic Income implemented in Ontario. It’s a bold vision of dignity and justice for everyone, regardless of work status—and we’re inviting you to join our growing community of advocates.

Latest news

  • Toronto Artists For Basic Income: An Introduction video
    This video celebrates and shares performances, speeches and calls to action by and from politicians, artists and concerned Toronto residents. The Time for Basic Income is NOW. This video features performances and statements by: Multidisciplinary artists Craig Berggold: 00:00 Musician Rachael Cardiello: 04:32 Politician and activist Leah Gazan: 10:32 Artist Jessie Golem (Humans of Basic Income): 15:30 Poet and professor George Elliott Clarke: 23:38 Politician […]
  • OBIN & BIC’s basic income for the arts webinar
    Our focus in July 2020 was the arts and cultural sector, and how a basic income would impact Canadian artists, writers, technicians, and performers…