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Basic income and students

Watch this webinar about what a basic income would mean for students. Basic Income is proposed as a solution to the financially precarious position that a growing number of students find themselves in. Viewed over 500 times, this video is hosted by BICYN, BI Nova Scotia, BICN, the Canadian Federation of Students and the Meal Exchange.

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Response to Speech from the Throne

Sheila Regehr, Chair of Basic Income Canada Network, responds to Speech from the Throne

The Speech from the Throne began with the message that ‘this is not the time for austerity’ and talked about ‘fighting for every Canadian’. The content is far more status quo than bold or transformative, however, and doesn’t match the rhetoric. Canadians from all sectors and walks of life are calling for a basic income to give everyone a fighting chance but it was glaringly absent. 

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National Town Hall on Basic Income

View this town hall co-hosted by Coalition Canada: basic income – revenu de base and the Green Party of Canada, now up on Youtube. Over 550 people tuned into this town hall held on September 17, 2020.

Facilitated by Green MP Paul Manly, this town hall featured guest speakers Senator Kim Pate, Dr. Evelyn Forget (on the economics of Basic Income), Monika Ciolek (on her experience participating in Ontario’s Basic Income Pilot), Dr. Robert Case (on basic Income and social and environmental disruption) and Dr. Tracy Smith-Carrier (Basic Income and gender equity and the deserving and undeserving poor).