Our team

Coalition Canada Basic Income is advancing the development of a national movement for basic income in Canada.

Who We Are

Our team has joined us from basic income advocacy groups from across Canada:

  • Barbara Boraks, Toronto, ON (External Affairs Coordinator, Ontario Basic Income Network)
  • Bill Cooper, Kingston, ON, (Professor Emeritus, Smith School of Business, Queen’s University; Kingston Action Group for a Basic Income Guarantee)
  • Brian Dodd, Calgary, AB (Co-Chair Basic Income Calgary; Member Basic Income Alberta)
  • Carol Stalker, Waterloo, ON (Professor Emerita, Faculty of Social Work, Wilfred Laurier University; Member of Coordinating Committee, Basic Income Waterloo Region)
  • Cory Neudorf, Saskatoon, SK
  • Debbie Wiseman, St. John’s NL (Social Justice Collaborative Newfoundland and Labrador)
  • Elizabeth (Mandy) Kay-Raining Bird, Halifax, NS, (Professor, Dalhousie University; Chair, Basic Income Nova Scotia)
  • Kendal David, Calgary, AB (Basic Income Canada Youth Network)
  • Kristina Craig, Whitehorse, YK, (Executive Director, Anti-Poverty Coalition
  • Lisa Alfano, Hamilton, ON (Basic Income Hamilton)
  • Lorna A. Turnbull, Winnipeg, MB, (Professor of Law, University of Manitoba)
  • Luc Gosselin, Québec City, QC (Revenu de base Québec) 
  • Marie Burge, Mermaid, PEI (50 years of community engagement work for social justice: Cooper Institute; Latin American Mission Program; PEI Working Group for a Livable Income/C-BIG PEI; National Farmers Union)
  • Melanie Davis, Thunder Bay, ON (Member, Steering Committee, Basic Income Canada Youth Network)
  • Michael Phair, Edmonton, AB (Member, Basic Income Greater Edmonton; co-chair EndPovertyEdmonton)
  • Sid Frankel, Winnipeg, MB (Associate Professor, Faculty of Social Work, University of Manitoba; Board member, Basic Income Manitoba; Board Member, Social Planning Council of Winnipeg)
  • Susan Abells, Victoria, BC (Member, Basic Income BC; Member, Committee to End Homelessness Victoria)
  • Susan Hubay, Peterborough, ON (Co-Chair, Basic Income Peterborough Network)
  • Toni Pickard, Kingston, ON, (Queen’s University Faculty of Law (ret’d); External Relations Coordinator, Kingston Action Group for a Basic Income Guarantee; Coordinator, Coalition Canada: basic income – revenu de base).