About Coalition Canada

The organization

Coalition Canada Basic Income is a cross-country alliance of basic income advocacy groups and networks.

We are advancing the development of a national movement for basic income in Canada, building alliances and collaborating with advocacy groups, networks and individuals supporting a just recovery in Canada from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hannah Busing (Unsplash)

We can’t solve one crisis by making another one worse. A just recovery is our best chance to come together, all across this country, and build an economy that takes care of people and our planet. The choices we make now will shape our society for decades to come.

Amara Possian, 350 Canada

Coalition Canada is a non-partisan volunteer organization. Our members are experienced basic income and anti-poverty advocates from the Yukon and all Canadian provinces. We are actively seeking alliances with representatives from basic income and anti-poverty organizations. Decisions are made collectively by all members.

We work in concert with Basic Income Canada Network (BICN) and with Basic Income Canada Youth Network, advocating for the implementation of a national basic income guarantee program for those who need it.

In our submission to the House of Commons Committee on Recovery Plans from COVID-19 (updated August 24, 2020) we recommend that the federal government take the lead in designing a national Basic Income Guarantee for adults 18-64, comparable to the $2,000 per month people received from the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) and consistent with the principles of a basic income guarantee program outlined on our website here.

Coalition Canada undertakes many actions to advocate for the implementation of a Basic Income Guarantee in Canada.

Join the movement today for a national basic income!

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