Basic Income Alberta

Basic Income Alberta is a member-driven organization connected with basic income advocates across the country. Grounded in research, scholarship, and economic understanding, we focus on advocacy, education and local mobilization.

Basic Income Calgary

Basic Income Calgary is an action group of the Basic Income Canada Network and an Enough for All stakeholder. Basic Income Calgary’s goals align with Enough for All, Calgary’s poverty reduction strategy, and the growing national movement for a basic income guarantee.​

End Poverty Edmonton

EndPovertyEdmonton is a community initiative working towards prosperity for all through advancing reconciliation, the elimination of racism, livable incomes, affordable housing, accessible and affordable transit, affordable and quality child care, and access to mental health services and addiction supports.

Latest news

Basic Income Alberta has been sharing a series of blog posts about the impacts that basic income can have for a variety of different individuals and social groups. You can read first-person stories about BI bringing relief for people with chronic illness and BI supporting small business owners.