Coalition Canada Meets with MPs and Senators

This year, Coalition Canada is meeting with MPs and Senators to advocate for a Basic Income Guarantee demonstration program in PEI.

In 2020, The Legislative Assembly in PEI voted unanimously to establish a basic income guarantee in their province. In 2022, all parties in the Legislature reaffirmed their support for a BIG in PEI.

Coalition Canada formed a “proposal team” made up of economists, former federal MP’s, sitting PEI MLA’s, policy experts and advocates. The team worked for over a year to develop a picture of what a feasible federal/provincial demonstration project could look like. 

Members of the Coalition are now meeting with MPs and Senators, sharing the results of this effort, and asking the Government of Canada to meet with the Government of PEI to begin to negotiate the details around the implementation of a BIG demonstration program in PEI.