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Guaranteed Basic Income (GBI): an evolution of our social support system, not a revolution.

Former federal MPs Wayne Easter (Liberal – PEI), Jean Crowder (NDP – BC) and Bruce Stanton (Conservative – Ontario) were members of the team that developed a proposal for a GBI benefit in PEI. Together they authored an article published in National Newswatch (July 7, 2024), where they argue for the implementation of a GBI demonstration project in PEI to address the doubts and concerns that people still have regarding the merits and affordability of a GBI benefit. They contend that a multi-year GBI program in PEI is a practical and affordable way to demonstrate that a GBI for working age Canadians is a far superior way to eliminate poverty than the myriad of targeted, often dysfunctional social assistance schemes…(read more)

A Proposal for a Guaranteed Basic Income (GBI) Benefit in Prince Edward Island

Coalition Canada is pleased to announce the publication of a report on the financial and political feasibility of a guaranteed basic income in Prince Edward Island.

Along with our colleagues across Canada, we believe this initiative in PEI could provide a real demonstration of the beneficial effects of a basic income on an entire provincial population.

Please read the Media Release describing the proposal and providing contact details. The report an be viewed at www.GBIreport.ca.

A University of Toronto of interview with Kourtney Koebel provides answers to common questions about the PEI’s GBI proposal.

Senate Bill S-233 : Our submission to the Senate Standing Committee on National Finance

Coalition Canada’s submission demonstrates wide-spread support for a Guaranteed Livable Basic Income (GLBI) and recommends that the Committee support Bill S-233, An Act to develop a national framework for a guaranteed livable basic income, and send it back to the Senate for third reading as soon as possible.  Read more….

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