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The Final Report of the Green Resilience Project is now available

The Green Resilience Project was a series of conversations that engaged over 900 people across Canada in 33 communities. The project engaged local partners to organise and facilitate each conversation.

Participants discussed the connections between climate change, income insecurity and community resilience and how these affect their individual and collective wellbeing.

The Final Report, Executive Summary,  Community Summary Reports (Volume B) prepared by community partners, and Community Snapshots (Volume C), which provide an overview of each community conversation, are available on the Green Resilience Project website. 

This project was funded by Environment Canada and was managed and delivered by Energy Mix ProductionsBasic Income Canada NetworkCoalition Canada Basic Income – Revenu de baseBasic Income Canada Youth Network, national experts and local partners.

Coalition Canada’s submission to Natural Resources Canada’s (NRCan’s) consultation on a People-Centred Just Transition is available here. Our submission responded to the questions posed in NRCan’s discussion paper through the lens of the Green Resilience Project.

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