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Petition calls for Increased access to the Canada Child Benefit

House of Commons petition e-3347, is sponsored by Ontario Liberal MP Han Dong (Don Vally North). It calls on the government “to reduce child poverty and alleviate the hardships faced by children and women in Canada by allowing all children who are residents of Canada access to Canada Child Benefit payments, irrespective of the immigration status of their parents.” Please consider signing this petition today. If 500 Canadian residents sign the petition by May 23, 2021, the government will be forced to answer the question of the MP on this issue.

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Clayton Windatt: The movement is part of my life

“Thinking about speculative design and how it can question oppression and push towards larger shifts in society forces me to reflect on my own role in social activism. I consider my proximity to an issue and make an effort to speak about relevance to me as a way of communicating relevance to others. Although design-thinking alone cannot change society, critical offerings enacted through community with great effort towards building consensus can take individual goals further than I could alone…”

Read the rest of this article on Clayton Windatt’s website

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An Act to establish a national strategy for a guaranteed basic income introduced in the House

Private Member’s Bill C-273, a National Strategy for a Guaranteed Basic Income Act, was introduced in the House of Commons on Monday, February 22, 2021 by Ontario Liberal MP Julie Dzerowicz (Davenport), seconded by PEI Liberal MP Wayne Easter (Malpeque). This Act requires the Minister of Finance to develop a national strategy to assess implementation models for a guaranteed basic income program as part of Canada’s innovation and economic growth strategy. It also provides for reporting requirements in relation to the strategy. It will now move on to second reading in House for further discussion.

UBI Works has initiated a petition to demonstrate public support for Bill C-273. Please sign and distribute widely through your networks!


Our submission to the 2021 Federal Budget Consultation

Thank you for the opportunity to bring forward our four recommendations for the 2021 budget. Coalition Canada’s recommendations are based on the research and on discussions with numerous groups and people from all walks of life across Canada.


Coalition Canada urges the federal government to:

1. Introduce a national basic income guarantee.

It should be paid monthly to residents of Canada aged 18 to 64. Other federal income transfers, such as the Guaranteed Income Supplement for seniors, should be adjusted to ensure fairness.

2. Design a national basic income guarantee program that delivers the greatest support to working-age adults with lowest incomes, regardless of work status.

Those with no income should receive the full benefit. As earned income increases beyond the established benefit level, the benefit should be gradually reduced by a proportion of earned income. 

3. Engage with each province and territory to harmonize the social transfer they receive as the federal government assumes responsibility for income transfers to working-age adults.

Start with the Government of Prince Edward Island, which has already requested discussions with the federal government to provide a basic income guarantee for the people of PEI. 

4.  Include Indigenous people and governments in a national basic income guarantee.

Consultation must respect the sovereignty of Indigenous governments.

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The Writer’s Union of Canada endorsement

TWUC calls on the government to implement a Basic Income Guarantee as an economic foundation for Canada’s workers. A basic income should complement and not replace or in any way diminish existing arts support programs.

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Toronto Arts Council endorsement

Toronto Arts Council supports a federal Basic Income Guarantee

See the opinion piece published in The Globe and Mail, on March 20, 2021, and in La Presse on March 25. PDF of the article here

National Nova Scotia Youth For Basic Income

Basic income and students

Watch this webinar about what a basic income would mean for students. Basic Income is proposed as a solution to the financially precarious position that a growing number of students find themselves in. Viewed over 500 times, this video is hosted by BICYN, BI Nova Scotia, BICN, the Canadian Federation of Students and the Meal Exchange.

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Zainub Verjee on a basic income for creatives

Interview: Artpreneur keynote Zainub Verjee on a basic income guarantee for Canadian creatives

Here is an excerpt of the article published in the Ottawa news website by Ryan Pepper on November 19, 2020

“It’s no secret that the arts sector is in a crisis. COVID-19 restrictions closed venues and institutions in March and many still haven’t reopened—and many, some in Ottawa, won’t open again. This month’s annual Artpreneur conference is dedicating three days to the disruptions in Ottawa’s creative sector. But instead of mourning the loss of venues, incomes, and livelihoods, the conference is looking to the future for sustainable, lasting solutions.

“One of the buzzy proposals is a Basic Income Guarantee (B.I.G.), which gained popularity after the successful rollout of the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB). The idea now has wide, cross-partisan support…”

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Freelancer’s Basic Income webinar

Nov 3 @7pm EST

Should Freelancers Advocate for Universal Basic Income

A webinar hosted by :
Canadian Freelance Union/Syndicat canadien des pigistes

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Toronto Artists For Basic Income: An Introduction video

This video celebrates and shares performances, speeches and calls to action by and from politicians, artists and concerned Toronto residents. The Time for Basic Income is NOW.

This video features performances and statements by:

Created by the Toronto Artists for Basic Income group.