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Disappointing report from BC’s expert panel on basic income

The 500-page report was 2 years in the making. The result: The panel of three economists rejected a basic income guarantee in favour of fixing the existing hotchpotch of BC income supports and services. It make 65 recommendations on how to do this. Bottom line: It leaves many low-income adults of working age, including single parents (mostly women) and others trying to survive on welfare living in deep poverty.

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It is so unfortunate that the deductive actions in the this report were a demonstration of the expert panel’s inability to see the logical conclusion staring it in the face, and make BIG accessible to everyone who needs it. Five hundred pages over two years with sixty-five recommendations to maintain the mess that is already in place is called maintaining the status quo; and it doesn’t work. How about daring to be different? In improvisational theatre the best scenes and most relevant theatrical moments occur with the phrase “yes/and” when actors build on each other’s efforts by responding with “yes/and”— not “and/or” or “no/but”.
The inability of accepting an offer like BIG seems to be an example of a huge blind spot on the part of the committee panel and their report. They should have worked on putting their money where their mouth is and gone with “yes/and”.

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