Submission to the House of Commons

In June 2020, we responded to the call from and to join the movement for a Just Recovery by sending a public submission to the Parliamentary Committee on Industry, Science, and Technology on how Canada should recover after the pandemic. The title of our submission: Basic Income: A Cornerstone of a Just Recovery. At first, the majority of submissions came from big businesses and banks. But between June 12 – 18, 2020 hundreds of Just Recovery supporters flooded the process. Together, we raised our voices. So many submissions flooded in that the government’s online consultation portal temporarily crashed from the traffic! Thanks to all of our efforts, federal decision-makers are feeling the pressure. They know for a fact that people across the country expect them to deliver a Just Recovery for all, and that basic income is a cornerstone of this recovery!

In our submission we recommend that the federal government partner with the provinces and territories to implement a national Basic Income Guarantee consistent with our principles.

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