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A message from the Basic Income Now Campaign

The online Basic Income Now Merch Shop has launched!  

Get lawn signs and posters!!

Buy vibrant swag & gear including hoodies, t-shirts, stickers, and tote-bags.

Order soon to shine at upcoming marches and events, or to show your support for basic income. 

The Merch Shop link is: or use this shorter link:

For bulk ordering contact:

Get Ready for the Ontario Provincial Election (June 2, 2022)

For more information about the campaign in the coming weeks and check out the website  

Basic Income Now Campaign Organizers: Ontario Basic Income Network, Basic Income Canada Network, Basic Income Canada Youth Network, Coalition Canada basic income – revenu de base,  UBI Works, The Case for Basic Income & the Arts.

If you live in Ontario, order Basic Income Now Signs for lawns, windows & rallies by emailing: 

Campaign organizers may be able to connect you with a point person in your area or they can help you place an order by filling out this form:

SAVE THE DATE: On Saturday, May 14, 1-4pm, is the Toronto Rally & march to Queen’s Park for Basic Income Now. Don’t forget to bring your signs. 

To join rallies, get involved in meet-ups in your area, or questions about swag and signs, please email us at: